Weekly Catechism for all Members

The following are links to the weekly catechism lessons and devotions to assist the families of our congregation in growing in their knowledge and understanding of God's saving grace in Christ.   Links are provided from each week's lesson to the memory work quizzes for parents to use in helping their children memorize the catechism and key scripture passages.  A good guide in doing the memory work is:  Primary - PreK - Grade 1    Junior - Grades 2&3       Level I - Grade 5     Level II - Grade 6         Level III - Grade 7        Level IV - Grade 8




September 7th

First Commandment

September 14th

Second Commandment

September 21st

Third Commandment

September 28th

Fourth Commandment

October 5th

Fifth Commandment

October 12th

Sixth Commandment

October 19th

Seventh Commandment

October 26th

Eighth Commandment

November 2nd

Ninth Commandment

November 9th

Tenth Commandment

November 16th

Close of Commandments

November 23rd

1st Article (pt.1)

November 28th

1st Article (pt. 2)

December 5th

2nd Article (pt. 1)

December 12th

2nd Article (pt. 2)

December 19th

3rd Article (pt. 1)

December 28th

3rd Article (pt. 2)

January 4th

Intro to Lord's Prayer

January 11th

Lord's Prayer - 1st Petition

January 18th

Lord's Prayer - 2nd Petition

January 25th

Lord's Prayer - 3rd Petition

February 1st

Lord's Prayer - 4th Petition

February 8th  

Lord's Prayer - 5th Petition

February 15th 

Lord's Prayer - 6th Petition

February 22nd

Lord's Prayer - 7th Petition

February 27th

Sacrament of Baptism 1

March 6th

Sacrament of Baptism 2

March 13th 

Sacrament of Baptism 3

March 20th

Sacrament of Baptism 4

March 27th


April 3rd  

Office of the Keys

April 12th 

Sacrament of the Altar 1

April 19th

Sacrament of the Altar 2

April 26th

Sacrament of the Altar 3

May 3rd

Sacrament of the Altar 4


Lord's Prayer - Conclusion


Morning Prayer


Evening Prayer


Asking a Blessing


Returning Thanks