Member Groups, Ministries, and Service Opportunities



*The asterisk designates groups or services that, while not presently functioning, may be organized if enough interest is shown.

 Sharing, Caring and Outreach Ministries

*Activity Phone Tree:   The phone tree calls groups of members to invite them to attend church activities such as pot lucks, family activities, picnics and other regular and special events.

 *Annual Mission Trip:   Join other adult members on an annual mission trip to help people in need. The services provided depend on the need whether cleaning up after a natural disaster, serving a church or home in an economically challenged neighborhood or wherever Christian service and love can benefit others.

  Anonymous Angels:   Throughout the school year Anonymous Angels volunteer to send mail and treats, offer moral support and, especially, pray for St. Johnís members who are away at college.

 CD Ministry:   Volunteers are needed to deliver recorded CDs of the Sunday Worship Service to our shut-in members.

 Circle of Caring:   Circles consist of several people who prepare meals, pray for and often send messages of encouragement to individuals and families who are in need due to illness or other special circumstances. With enough volunteers, each Circleís assistance may only be required once or twice a year.

 *Divorce Recovery Ministry:   If you have been touched by divorce and its aftermath, this group can be made available to offer healing and instruction through structured Bible studies, programs and prayer. Volunteers can assist the pastoral staff in mentoring and developing and organizing the materials used in this ministry.

 *Evangelism Callers/Kingdom Workers:   ďKingdom WorkersĒ is the name used at St. Johnís to designate evangelism callers. Classes are conducted periodically in Dialogue Evangelism 2 (DE2) for those interested in learning to share their faith in the risen Lord. Kingdom Workers call on prospective members, transfers, or guests who indicate an interest in St. Johnís.

 Fellowship Callers:   Fellowship callers meet and welcome guests/visitors before and after Services.  For guests/visitors local to the area, a follow up home visit is made sometime prior

to the next weekend Services.  Records of visits are returned to the church office for visits or calls by the pastor or lay leaders.

 Food Pantry:   The Food Pantry serves over 600 people per year. Boxes are packed by volunteers every Tuesday morning. Extra help is needed packing boxes for Thanksgiving and Christmas distribution. Monetary contributions are accepted as well as donated items. Donated items needed for the Food Pantry are listed in each issue of The Informer.            

 Funeral Assistants:

Pall Bearers Ė Family members of the deceased often call while making funeral arrangements requesting assistance in finding pall bearers.  Volunteers are put on a list of those willing to serve as pall bearers on short notice.

 Funeral Luncheons Ė Ladies Aid, upon request by the family, will serve a luncheon following the funeral of a St. Johnís member.  You can help by providing food, serving the food, and/or cleaning up afterwards.

 Tables/Chairs set-up Funeral Luncheons Ė Men are needed to set up tables/chairs for a luncheon, as directed by the Ladies Aid, and to take them down afterwards.

 Grief Support Committee: The Grief Support Committee consists of members of St. Johnís who wish to serve God by ministering to those who have lost loved ones. This is done by cards, visits, phone calls, and prayers. The committee meets as needed. 

Hispanic Ministry:   We, together with other congregations and organizations, are asked to help support the Hispanic Ministry. There are opportunities for volunteers from St. Johnís and other congregations to serve in a variety of ways at Christ the King Lutheran Church as we reach out to share Jesus Christ with first generation Mexicans in our midst.  Members of St. Johnís may also serve on the Hispanic Ministry Council.

Lend-A-Hand: Lend-A-Hand is made up of members of St. Johnís who help members in need by volunteering to do some light housekeeping, sit with shut-in members, and provide assistance as needed.

*Menís Service Retreat to Camp CILCA: Men from the congregation have the opportunity to go on yearly trips to help Camp CILCA (Central Illinois Lutheran Church Camp,) with special projects, it is a time of fellowship and working together to help the important ministry of Camp CILCA.

 Parish Nurse Program Volunteers: Parish nurses provide blood pressure checks, educational materials on health issues, act as resources for support groups, link members to community resources, visit the homebound and hospitalized, offer personal health counseling, assist in crisis intervention, and help members to understand and practice healing of mind, body, and spirit.

 Parkview Healthcare Center Bible Study and Hymn Singing: Anyone with a caring heart and time available each Tuesday at 10:00 a.m., can meet at Parkview Healthcare Center (located at 430 30th Avenue, East Moline,) to lead and assist the residents in Bible study and/or hymn singing.

 St. Johnís Prayer Chain:    As the pastoral and church staff receive requests for prayers, members of the Prayer Chain serve St. Johnís members with their prayers anywhere, any time of the day or night for those in need or those giving thanks. Belief in the power of prayer and confidentiality are the only requirements.

 Shut-in and Hospital Visitation:   This is an opportunity to share Christ with those in hospitals, nursing homes, or with anyone otherwise unable to regularly worship and fellowship with their St. Johnís family. A friendly visit to show concern and share Godís love eases loneliness and fear. The church staff provides names of those who would love a visit from a caring volunteer.

 Transportation Assistance:   Volunteers can assist by offering others a ride to church activities such as worship services, Bible studies, Sunday school or non-church activities that might include doctorsí appointments, grocery stores or visiting a friend. Drivers are also frequently needed to transport our young people to various youth activities.

Wellness Activity:   This committee oversees the needs and programs that benefit the congregation physically, mentally, and spiritually. Activities include blood drives, screening for various conditions/diseases and health information meetings. Members need not have a medical background to help identify specific congregational needs and organize and publicize opportunities for programs and workshops.


  Serving the Church                                                                                        

In Music

The Choir: 9th grade through seasoned adults form The Choir that meets for practice at 6:30-7:45 on Wednesday evenings. Auditioning is not required, just enthusiasm for singing praise at Sunday morning worship services. 

Cherub Chimers: A handbell choir for 5th through 8th graders, these young people play two to three octaves of bells for worship services approximately once per month during the months of September through May. Practice is held on Wednesday nights at 6:00Ė6:30.  No prior experience is necessary. 

Heavenly Ringers: This is an adult 3 octave handbell choir that rehearses Monday evenings at 6:30.  They perform once or twice per month during Sunday worship services September through May and occasionally at Christmas parties, weddings and special programs. Training is provided.

 Pianists, Band and Orchestral Instrumentalists and Vocalists: There are many opportunities for accompanists and soloists to share their gifts during worship services and other programs at St. Johnís. Make your talents known to the Director of Music.

 Ensembles: Made up of church musicians, instrumentalists are brought together for special services throughout the church year.

 Kids of the Kingdom: Kids of the Kingdom is a childrenís choir for all K-8th grade. This group meets on Wednesday, once a month, from 5:00-6:00 p.m. and sings in church services approximately once a month. While praising the Lord through their songs, the children learn vocal techniques and more about music.

 Liturgical Dancers:   Dancers, eighth grade through adult, offer messages of praise and thanksgiving with choreographed movements, dance, and sign language during worship services and special events.  All are welcome. No previous dance training is required, only an expressive heart and a body that is willing to share its love of God through movement.


By Teaching and Assisting

Acolyte Coordinator: Volunteers are needed to assist the acolytes in getting robed for services and return the robes to the closet to make sure they are hung properly after services.

Bible Study Leaders:   Dedicated and caring members of St. Johnís are needed to lead Bible studies. These studies may last a few weeks to several months, or you may be called on to substitute temporarily for one of the pastoral staff or another leader.  Bible study materials and assistance in starting a class may be provided by the church staff.

*Childrenís Church: When there is an expressed need, a childrenís church can be made available during Sunday services following the childrenís sermon for children five and under. Volunteers are needed to meet the children in the narthex and guide them to the preschool rooms where a Bible lesson, fellowship, and fun activities will be provided until the conclusion of church services.

 Junior Confirmation Program: At least two lay adult members are needed to serve as teachers during classes of St. Johnís Junior Confirmation program which starts in 5th grade and lasts for three years. Parents and other adult members of St. Johnís are needed to serve as mentors to work with youth one-on-one and in small groups during class meetings, group discussions, to oversee memory work, and help with projects.

St. Johnís Lutheran Center for Early Learning Volunteers: This is an outreach program that offers a variety of classes for children ages three to five years. The classes are geared toward developing the children in mind, body, and spirit. Volunteers are welcome to assist teachers by reading stories, sharing their interests with the children or just helping with the many activities.

 St. Johnís Sunday School: This childrenís ministry program serves to nurture young believers ages three and up in their faith. Classes begin after the Sunday Worship and end at 11:30 a.m. Volunteers are always needed to teach or support the teaching staff in presenting Godís Word to our children.

 Vacation Bible School (VBS): This is a five-day Christian education event for children who have completed 3 year old preschool through 5th grade.  Volunteers, middle school age through adult, are needed as coordinators and assistants for the variety of activities.

 Youth Leader/Support: Friendly, committed adults are needed to work with our junior and senior high youth in order to help include them in the activities of the St. Johnís family of believers. Responsibilities might include chaperoning, driving youth to fellowship events, helping with service projects and fundraisers, encouraging the youth to identify and share their gifts with the congregation, and developing ideas to raise congregational awareness of the assets of our youth.


In Worship and around the Church

 Baby-Sitting: Help provide care for small children while parents attend church functions or activities. Sign up to be called occasionally for this important service.

 Church Library: The church library includes hundreds of books, periodicals, and videocassettes available for borrowing on a self check-out system. Opportunities for service in this area include straightening books, dusting and shelf reading (keeping books in proper order, especially in the childrenís section.)  Additional work may be available under the supervision of the church librarian. 

Church Upkeep and Maintenance:  Volunteers are always needed who can do electrical work, carpentry, plumbing, painting, landscaping, mowing, and other odd jobs.

 Computer Technician:   The maintenance and upgrading of our computer systems at St. Johnís is vital to our ability to serve the congregation efficiently. If you have a good understanding of computer hardware and software, your help would be appreciated.

 Greeters:  These are members of St. Johnís who provide bulletins and a friendly greeting to members and guests as they arrive for worship.

 Office Volunteers:   Volunteers are frequently needed to help with typing, printing, copying, and other office skills on a regular as well as occasional basis in order to produce letters, bulletins, notices and the churchís newsletter.

 Office Substitute Secretary:   Any member who is qualified and willing to fill in a few hours or for a day or two for the office secretaries is encouraged to let the office know of your availability. (This is a paid service.)

Sewerís Assistants:   Those with special skills in sewing who are willing to help with clothing repair, tailoring or rescuing a less talented individual from sewing dilemmas are welcome additions to St. Johnís list of talented seamstresses. 

Sound System Volunteers:   Volunteers are needed to learn and properly operate our sound system. This service to St. Johnís would include checking and resetting controls to their optimal level, recording the worship service to CDs for duplication, cuing music over the sound system and setting up and testing additional microphones when needed. 

Sunday Morning Fellowship/Coffee Time:   Volunteers are needed to help set up for the fellowship time that takes place after Sunday worship service.  Prior to worship, the duties would include putting out beverages, donuts, cups and napkins. Clean-up is done following Bible classes. Sign-up sheet is in the kitchen where volunteers can choose to serve monthly or just occasionally. 

Table Set-up Ė Special Occasions:  Men are needed to set up tables/chairs for special occasions as directed by Board of Parish Ministry or other groups, and take them down afterwards.

Ushers:   Like the Levite keepers of the gates of the tabernacle, St. Johnís ushers make ready the house of the Lord for those who come to worship.  Their job is an important part of the worship service as they act as hosts in seeking to make visitors feel welcome in the house of God.

 Youth Recycling Driver: An adult driver with a truck is needed once a month to take cans that have been collected for recycling to the metal recycling center for monetary reimbursement.  This is a youth fund-raising activity.


Youth Service Activities and Opportunities

Confirmation Youth Fellowship (CYF):   CYF is a youth group for fifth through seventh graders that works in conjunction with our confirmation program. CYF meets once a month and, with the help of parents who are needed to assist with activities and transportation, encourages growth in each young personís relationship with God through worship, study, service, Christian outreach, and Christian fellowship.  Friends are always welcome.

 Crucifer: Any young man of the congregation, eighth grade and above may be invited to carry the processional cross for festival occasions.

 Lutheran Youth Fellowship (LYF):   For eighth through twelfth graders, LYF meets once a week and at various times throughout the year for small and large events including an annual summer trip. As with CYF, activities for members and their friends are designed to encourage the spiritual growth of each young man or woman. Parental assistance is encouraged and appreciated.

Torch bearer:   Any youth, confirmation age and above, may be invited to carry the torch (used at high festival worship services) to various locations during the worship service.


Adult and Family Social Groups and Auxiliaries

 Altar Guild:   Communicant members of St. Johnís may serve on the Altar Guild. Altar Guild members are responsible for the care, use, and maintenance of the sacred vessels, the altar, the altar furnishings, and vestments. Members experience spiritual growth and awareness as they care for and reverently serve in the area of St. Johnís altar. 

Family Fellowship Committee:   The members of this committee serve to identify the holistic needs of St. Johnís members and their families by organizing fellowship activities and helping implement ideas that encourage growth in their faith in Christ, thus strengthening their overall family spirit. (The Board of Parish Ministry sponsors this committee.)

*Fellowship Dinner Club: Fellowship dinners are held seasonally in small groups of six to eight members. They gather at host homes for fellowship and home cooked meals. The hosts provide the entrťe and beverages, while guests bring the accompanying dishes. Each season participants dine with a different group of friends. During the season of Advent, a dinner is held at the church for the entire group. Hosting is not a requirement to share in Fellowship Dinners.

 *Play Group:   When there is an interest, children up to age four (older siblings welcome) are invited to play with other children their age at church or a predetermined location such as a zoo or park. Get-togethers would be approximately once a month on a day and at a time to be determined by the participating parents. 

Ladies Aid:   The purpose of Ladies Aid is to promote Christian service. This is accomplished by preparing and serving funeral dinners, governing the use of the kitchen, using our offerings to memorialize deceased Ladies Aid members, supplementing the income of seminarians in St. Louis and Ft. Wayne, supporting the work of recognized LCMS auxiliaries and remembering members of St. Johnís and their families through prayer and cards. Meetings are held at 1:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of February, May, August and November. Women of all ages are invited and encouraged to join.

 Lutheran Womenís Missionary League (LWML):  The Lutheran Womenís Missionary League is the official womenís auxiliary of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  Its Motto is: ďServe the Lord with Gladness,Ē which it does through mission education, mission inspiration and mission service.  Mite boxes are used to collect offerings that support mission projects all over the world.  Any woman who is a communicant member of St. Johnís is invited to join.

 Sixty Plus:   The Sixty Plus group meets the third Tuesday of the month, September through June. A potluck dinner starts at noon, followed by devotions and a program. All retirees and friends (no matter their age) are welcome.

 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans:   Members of St. Johnís who have membership in Thrivent Financial for Lutherans have the opportunity to participate in money raising activities benefitting Lutheran individuals and organizations. Matching funds are made available by Thrivent Financial for approved money making endeavors.

YAMS (Young Adults, Married or Single):  This group includes young Couples and singles from high school graduation and college age up to age 40.  Meetings consist of fellowship and service activities.  Events are held at church, in homes of members or at a variety of locations

around the community.  The group offers opportunities to make new Christian friends.


Bible Studies 

Sunday Morning Bible Study:   Sunday at 10:30-11:30 a.m.  Topics, selected and taught by the pastoral staff or volunteers, cover a wide range of historical and current Biblical subjects as they relate to the Lutheran Christian.

Womenís Bible Study:  Monday at 6:30 p.m., all women are invited to join the fellowship of studying the Scriptures as they impact each womanís walk with Christ.

*Tuesday Evening Bible Study:   Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., the pastoral staff leads participants through Bible books and topical studies.

 Wednesday Morning Bible Study:   Wednesday at 10:00 a.m., this interesting and uplifting Bible study uses the same material as the Tuesday evening study.

 Thursday Morning Bible Study:   Thursday at 9:00 a.m., Pastor Heino leads in depth studies into various books of the Bible.

Menís Bible Study:   Saturday at 8:00 a.m., men who are searching for direction in fulfilling their roles as husbands, fathers, leaders, servants and friends in Christ will continue to grow through this study of topics led by the pastoral staff.

Saturday Evening Bible Study:   Saturday at 5:30 p.m., a preview of that dayís scriptures, to enhance worship.

Small Group Bible Study:   These groups allow members of the congregation to teach, encourage and assist one another in their walk with Christ. The focus on Christ and His Word, along with the fellowship of its members brings many rewarding relationships.  The study groups meet at church or locations decided by the group.


St. Johnís Elected Officers, Boards and Governing Bodies

Congregational Officers / Executive Board:   The Executive Board consists of seven elected officers: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Assistant Financial Secretary.  This board is responsible for taking action on policies not delegated to other boards, coordinating long-range planning, and representing the congregation in all legal matters.

 Board of Education:   Members of the Board of Education make decisions regarding the Christian Education Ministries of St. Johnís, including the Center for Early Learning, Sunday school, Vacation Bible School and adult Bible classes.

Board of Elders:   Selected men of the congregation, who faithfully attend worship services, communion, and Bible studies, assist the pastoral staff in all aspects of caring for the spiritual welfare of the congregation. The Elders make home visits and telephone calls, send letters and regularly pray for those members assigned to their care. They help plan and assist worship services including coordination of communion distribution, ushers, acolytes and the work of the organists, choir directors and the Altar Guild.

Board of Evangelism:  This board has one singular purpose---share the Gospel with all people.  To expose them to Godís Word and invite/welcome them to join us at St. Johnís in hearing His Word, growing together in Bible study, and to that end to be fully prepared to receive Christ in the Sacraments.  As this is for all people, it includes sharing with active members, encouragement to those inactive, and invitation to those currently outside of St. Johnís to join us.  The board looks for opportunities to sponsor activities to encourage worship attendance, and also organizes and leads the Greeter and Fellowship Caller program.

Board of Parish Ministry:   The responsibilities of the Board of Parish Ministry include fostering a spirit of caring among the members of St. Johnís by developing and administering the congregationís efforts to meet the physical and emotional needs of people. The board oversees the Food Pantry, the Grief Support Committee, Circles, the Parish Nurse Program, the Family Fellowship Committee, the Wellness Activity Committee and arranges transportation for those in need. 

Board of Stewardship:   The Board of Stewardship seeks ways to encourage the members of St. Johnís to share their time, talents, and treasures in all aspects of their Christian lives and to help them strive always to be good stewards.

 Board of Trustees:   The objectives of the Board of Trustees include proper maintenance and repair of church property, administration of church facilities and equipment use, annual inspections of the church and equipment and recommendations to the Votersí Assembly as to needed repairs, improvements and replacements. 

Board of Youth:   The primary function of the Board of Youth is to show interest, concern and support for the youth of St. Johnís and their families.  They oversee the various aspects and organizations of St. Johnís Youth Ministry by guiding and participating in the activities of the CYF (5th through 7th grade,) the LYF (8th grade and up,) the Anonymous Angels (ministering to member college students) and the Youth Gathering Steering Committee.

Parish Planning Council: Consisting of the Executive Board and the chairpersons from each of the elected boards, the Parish Planning Council serves as a forum where the activities of the elected boards may be discussed, evaluated and coordinated. Meeting monthly, the Council acts as a liaison between the pastoral staff and the officers and boards in planning the total work of the congregation. 

Votersí Assembly:   Every communicant member of St. Johnís is eligible to become a voting member of the Votersí Assembly. It is by majority rule of the Votersí Assembly that the decisions for the congregation are made.  All communicant members of the congregation should make every effort to attend these meetings in order to become informed and involved in the decisions of the congregation.  Regular Votersí Assembly meetings are held four times a year after worship on Sundays.