Meetings are the third Thursday of each month

The letters PTL mean Praise The Lord to some people, but to those associated with Lutheran Schools, it has a different meaning. PTL stands for Parent Teacher League, it is the equivalent of the PTA in the public schools. Our PTL is very important to us because it can be a great source of support to you as parents and also to the school with it's planned events and fundraisers.

We need you!
The PTL can't be all these wonderful things without YOU and your support. Please take a few minutes to read through the various jobs listed below. Each job's reponsibilities are listed, and there are some things that even those with super-busy schedules can do to help make this program a success.


Requires a take charge person to see that the ball keeps rolling and conducts meetings - Good job for a brainstormer.


Keeps the ball from getting in the gutter! Aids the Chairperson in all activities - Good back up person needed here.


Keeps notes of all PTL functions


Keeps check on the funds (income and expenditures) for our future. Presents a monthly report to PTL and the Board of Education.

Apple Core Editor

Coordinates stories, articles, and events to be published in the monthly newsletter.

Apple Core Support Staff

Typists and printers needed to aid in the monthly set up, printing and correlating of our newsletter.

Apple Core Reporters

We need one reporter from each class to report on field trips, parties and all other classroom happenings.

Collections Program Coordinator

Person or persons needed to organize the collection of Campbells labels, Boxtops for Education, Swiss Valley milk caps, and Tyson tags. They will sort, count, and send them in when needed.

God's Gift Shop

Need a person to organize, keep check on donations, and recruit volunteers to help in the shop.

T-Shirt Chairperson

Someone to coordinate the purchase of school t-shirts.

Bookfair Assistant

Would assist Bookfair chairperson with all aspects of the bookfair. You would then be the bookfair chairperson the following year.

Family Fun Night Chairperson

A person who would oversee every aspect of FFN. Deligate... make sure all the other committees are doing their jobs.

Family Fun Night Kitchen Chairperson

Be sure we have all the supplies and help needed to serve a great meal.

Silent Auction Chairperson

A person to coordinate solicitation of businesses, collection of donated items, and thanking of the donors.

General Volunteer

Call me if you need extra help!

Call Tree

Persons may be needed to make phone calls to families to remind them of special events or emergency closings.



The PTL has it’s own website now as well to visit click on the link below:




1450 30th Avenue, East Moline, Illinois 61244
Phone: (309) 792-0755   Email: